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The beginning of the Site can be traced back to 2010, when I start going to church.

Soon after going to church, I became enthusiastic on church architecture. I have been making railway car mods for Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion at that time, so I adapted the same techniques and know-hows to make church building mods. Afterward, I also made paper models for those churches based on the 3D models, and some of the paper models have been put into market successfully.

In recent years, putting 3D models on web pages for interactive browsing became possible due to improvements of browser technologies, so I have the idea of making a website for 3D models of churches then. Besides interactive browsing, I’m also planning to make church building mods for computer games nowadays, but those for Locomotion will not be provided as it has become a very old game.

Most of the church models on the Site are Catholic churches in Hong Kong, but those of Orthodox, Anglican and other Christian churches throughout the world will also be provided.

The name of the Site comes from a famous quote “When God Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window”. When we walk across the door of a church, it just feel like entering a place with presence of heaven, so the quote is modified in this way.